Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VB Meeting 2.09.10

Deputy Mayor Roy ran the VB meeting tonight in the mayors absence.

Public concerns: 33secs apparently the VB keeps track of when I brought up my last concern...this is funny, at least to me.....according to Trustee Roy it has been 3 meetings since I last spoke.....
Correspondence: 3min:00secs  TIRR letter
Trustee Reports start at 7min:43secs:  according to each of the trustee's departments everyone is working on the village docks
Old Business:
Bond Resolution for Dock reconstruction passed ...the preliminary dock estimates came in at $350,000 9min:26secs
LWRP final reimbursement 12min:13secs
Moratorium Old C of C tabled till next meeting....evidently nobody from the Historical Society could be contacted to determine the progress on the grants 13min:25secs  I contacted them for you...
New Business:
River Hospital Community Room use request 14min:33secs
Surplus 1986 Chevy Truck fire Dept 15min:28secs
License renewal OGS for floating docks 19min:28secs
Authorization to apply for assistance upper James St Dock 19min:57secs
More on the Surplus Chevy Truck 22min:37secs
Authorize funding applications 23min18secs
Latest Dock status 25min11secs


Anonymous said...

I can't understand why Alexandria Bay is paying for a village cop when there is a State Police Station a couple miles up the road, especially this time of year! It totally disgusts me to see the village cop car sitting at the village limits day after day. Don't they have anything better to do? What a waste of taxpayer's money.

jim cummings said...