Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nick Of Time- The Band

The bands frontwoman is Lisa Forshaw, who has a voice that is both sweet and spicy. Harmonizing with Lisa  is acoustic/electric guitar player Ron Sacci [a childhood friend of mine].  Ron schooled me on music appreciation even tho to this day I can not play an instrument or carry a note.  Jim Wiley brings a blend of keyboards [with synth bass] as well as adding an unusual dimension to the sound of the band when he swoons the audience with his saxophone. Last but not least is David Donley, an eclectic percussionist that keeps the beat going with his hands more than  the traditional drummers sticks.

Nick Of Time will be performing at the Top Of The Bay this Friday night, starting at around 8:30pm .  Enjoy the sampling of the band in the videos below...

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