Friday, November 5, 2010

A View of Mayor Graham

Mayor Graham  took a spot behind me today while waiting  in line at the Best Buy Geek Squad counter.  I acknowledged him with a "hello Jeff".  Jeff nodded and said hi.  Apparently he had some more memory added to his computer and was waiting for a pick up.  I was trying to drop my x box off which is a whole "nuther" story.  The geek behind the counter needed to see some ID from "Jeffrey".  Jeff handed the geek his drivers license and off he went to make a photo copy.  I guess they do that to prove that you actually picked your stuff up and not somebody else.  As the geek wandered over to the copier, Jeff mumbled something about "you would think I would be known after all these years of controversy".  I chuckled and said, hey, not everyone knows the politicians or even votes, or even cares.  Jeff  excused himself to the older lady in front of me as he picked up his computer.  A split second later she realized who Jeff was and said ohhhhh it's you and she blushed a little bit.  Jeff,  being recognized by 2 out of 3 people ain't half bad.  Me on the other hand..... I love it when people don't even notice me.  I wanna be like a shadow.....mystical vapor.... a phantom like my friend Grover.

I am bored as I wait for the Direct TV guy to show up......