Thursday, April 21, 2011

Newzjunky is Like a Megaphone

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When newzjunky links to a story on my blog, I view that link as a coveted news worthy rubber stamp of approval.  Almost like getting the Underwriters Laboratories or Good Housekeeping  stamp of approval.  Not all of the topics on my blog receive NJ's approval.  NJ has standards and it is up to him whether my request for a link to my site makes it or not.  Some people that read my blog think that NJ automatically links to all these stories.  He does not!  I bring this up because of a comment that was made at a local village board meeting in late February.  I stole that quote and turned it into a cartoon of sorts.  The cartoon reflects a kind of primitive understanding of the internet.  Unlike the person that made the comment, I know that NJ readers go beyond the county..... more like world wide as in WWW......