Thursday, February 9, 2012

Long Time Clerk Treasurer Not Reappointed

Village Corrective Action Plan
Alexandria Bay:

Mayor Jury called me today to brief me on some recent changes that have taken place in the village offices. All the members of the village board were present at an emergency meeting that was held today.  Long time Clerk Treasurer Sharon Cullen was not reappointed.  Judy Cornick was appointed in her place.  Ms. Cornick has many years of municipal accounting experience.  Molly Briere was reappointed as Deputy Clerk

Village officials started preparing a corrective action plan to the NYS Comptrollers audit in December 2011  The priority was to segregate the duties of the Deputy clerk and the clerk treasurer positions.  The change in duties could not be made until a public hearing could be arranged.  As a result, appointments to the two positions could not be made until after the hearing. The earliest possible date was Jan 10.  The hearing was held on that date and the segregation of duties was passed with no objections from the public.

I questioned Mayor Jury as to why Cullen was not reappointed.  Mayor Jury would not elaborate , stating that this was a personnel issue and could not be discussed.  She did say that certain events had occurred within the village office that prompted the emergency meeting that was held this afternoon.

Bloggers Note:

I have recently covered the auditors findings which you can  read by clicking the following links:

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Based on everything that I have read in the Audit reports, it is not to difficult to understand what has led up to this change in the village office.