Monday, February 20, 2012

Is Bickering A Sign of the "Times"

Ousted for refusing to sign a blank check?  I hardly think so!  I am sure this board has learned from the fiasco's of previous boards that it is best to follow New York Conference of Mayors guidelines for the removal of a village employee. NYCOM is a source and support for the operation of city and village government which is recognized state wide.  Nobody has been fired under Mayor Jury's brief tenure.  Mrs. Cullen [a political appointee by the mayor] was simply not reappointed because of personnel issues discussed during an executive session of an emergency meeting held on 2/9/12.   Details of any personnel issues are by law to remain confidential. There is never any guarantee that a person will be reappointed to any of these political positions. Going to the news media with her side of the story puts the village board at a disadvantage.  Because of confidentiality the board cannot respond to or refute any specific details regarding the article that appeared in  the Sunday edition of the WDT.  An article that is not worthy of any response because of its undertones of bickering and whining.  In essence, there is no right or wrong side to this unanimous board decision, and there is no opportunity for any litigation.  This board followed the proper protocol as outlined in the NYCOM Handbook for Village Officials.  Which is more than can be said for the previous boards.