Thursday, October 20, 2011


David, Mike, D.J. and David have been practicing You Don't Have To Cry by CSN for several weeks.  I have watched in amazement as each one of them recalls how the song should be.  During the rehearsals nobody ever played the mp3 or the video to decisively show how the original song sounded.  Every Friday night, one of the guys would say something like, you come in low at this part of the song and I will come in high 3 beats later.  There was always some mention of keys and notes but I don't  understand them.  I only listen to music and can not read it.  Maybe someday!

After some trials and errors, the boys finally had it the way each thought it should be.  The video below was recorded last Friday night.  I found a video of CSN performing this song and I removed the audio and overlayed it on to the video I took, I was prepared to change the speed in order to synch the CSN video with the video and audio that I made.  To my surprise, I did not have to change anything, they both matched almost flawlessly.  Take a moment to watch and listen.