Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Castle Cable vs DSL

United States Department of Agriculture awarded a $7.2 million grant to Castle Cable TV in August of 2010.
Funded by awarding of $7.2 million, Castle Cable TV, Inc. proposes to extend broadband and other advanced telecommunications services through several communities located in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties of New York. More than 5,500 people, approximately 217 local businesses and 12 community institutions stand to benefit from this improved service. 

Everyone has noticed the cable trucks in the Town of Alexandria and surrounding areas as they string the new Fiber Optic Cables.  Recently, on Northern Avenue in Alex Bay, cable utility crews have been struggling to bury cable under the ground.  Northern Ave is one of, if not the only street within this project that has all its utility cables buried under ground.  Crews have been working late into the evening trying to complete this portion of the projectI am curious to see what the rates will be, but more anxious to experience the blistering internet speed  with the new fiber optic cable.  I might just be willing to dump Verizon if the service is consistent and reliable....  In April 2010 the Village Board tried to lure Time Warner into Alex Bay.  TW balked and said they could not justify becoming the Bay's cable franchise because all the cable needed to be replaced.

Video of the project on Northern Ave. in Alex Bay