Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alex Bay Citizen of the Year

A Blog is a contraction of the two words Web Blog.  A Blog can sometimes be used like a diary, like the post below.

Dear Diary,

My family and I sat with some good people while attending the Alex Bay Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Dinner. Frank and Connie, Susie and Stevie, Sam and Tim, Jenifer, JQ and TQ, and Joel and Dawn.  Pretty diverse group with a wide range of conversations, ranging from politics and puppies to movies like Something About Mary.

Good company makes for a good meal. And when someone is being honored as Citizen of the Year, that ups the whole dining experience.  I was impressed with Robert "Bobby" Service and the way he   humbly  and graciously accepted the award. Redirecting the spot light from himself to his comrades in the volunteer fire department. It was nice to see his family sitting with Bobby and enjoying the evening.  As I listened to his brief acceptance speech, I could not help but think about his parents, Helen and Gareth.  Bobby reminds me so much of the them both and as I sat there, I found myself missing them again, as I often do. 

A couple of people tried to "roast" Bobby.  I wondered how drag racing contributed to being citizen of the year?  I guess that sometimes people think that what they have to say is somehow pertinent to the event.  The other roaster from across the pond made some good remarks.  Both were well intentioned, however neither were remarkable.  Bobby's  impressive accomplishments speak for themselves.

I did some video recording, although not as much as I recorded last year.  I made a 6 minute video of last years awards, did a story on it and newzjunky was kind enough to link to it.  The story was read by just over 2000 people and the video was viewed about 400 times.  I am not going to share any video that I shot this year.  Nothing against any of the award recipients, it is just that video takes a ton of time to process. And I just do not feel like it.

One of my favorite stores, River Living, owned by Cathy Garlock, was awarded the Folino Business of the Year Award.  Keep your eyes on Cathy, she and her family are going to be doing wonderful things with Bonnie Castle.

Last but not least is the recipient of the Hospitality and Tourism Award.  Which was presented to Tammy Cavallario Quinn.  As you all know Tammy operates the Chez Paris.  Home of one of the best breakfast and lunch menus in the 1000 Islands.

Good Night Diary.