Sunday, June 24, 2012

Riverwalk 2010 To Present

A historical reference to the Riverwalk Project.  Below are all my blog links including audio clips, documents, photos links to online articles and of course some of my opinions.  Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of your future if you study the past.  If you do not have the desire to go through all of these links, 01.22.11 News Release Notes is kind of interesting.

The reason for posting all these links?  I fear that this project will come under some heavy scrutiny [attacks] over the next few months or even weeks.  It simply might not survive.  There are historical facts in all these posts, all you have to do is weed through some of my opinions.  Knowledge is power.... used to make the best decision.

5.14.10   Last Nights Riverwalk Walk Through

8.19.10   The ORIGINAL Riverwalk Plan

8.25.10   River Hospital Supports Riverwalk Project

9.14.10   Village Board meets with B.O.D River Hospital

9.25.10   Riverwalk Project Ruined

9.26.10   More From the Riverwalk Meeting

10.06.10 Riverwalk Update

10.13.10 Riverwalk Status

11.05.10 Another Update

11.10.10 Riverwalk On The Water or On The Rocks

11.12.10 Bay May Abandon Riverwalk

11.13.10 117% Surcharge?

11.28.10 Riverwalk Is A GO Again

01.13.11 Walking Away From The River Grant

01.16.11 Riverwalk Discussion 1.11.11

01.17.11 Riverwalk 101

01.22.11 News Release Notes

02.10.11 Price Tag 1.4 Million

05.19.11 Another Riverwalk Update

11.27.11 Seawall Restoration River Hospital

06.13.12 Riverwalk Easements Turn Hostile 

06.22.12 Eminent Domain Explained