Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Chance Of A Life Time

Blues In The Bay:

Local businessman and amateur  harmonica player, Alex Mosher is a big fan of Blues Diva Carolyn Kelly and her band.  I was standing in the wings with Alex when Ms Kelly called Alex up onto the stage to play his harpoon.  Alex did what most of us would have done..... He momentarily  froze, I could see he was going through mixed emotions of fear, embarrassment, and giddiness aka  a small case of Stage Fright.  I tried to help my friend Alex..... by giving him a quick pep talk..... Alex, this is a chance of a life time, it is what you want to do..... and with that I placed the palm of my hand on his back and gave him a friendly shove towards the stage.  Up he went..... the rest is a milestone for Alex.....