Friday, August 31, 2012

Porterhouse Steak - It's What's For Dinner

As Labor Day draws near, I am starting to make plans for the ceremonial end of the summer cookout.  The question always arises, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, or steaks?  Some opt for a little buffet of all those options.  Not Me, I rediscovered my dad's and granddad's favorite cut of beef.  The Porterhouse Steak! The Porterhouse is like a T-Bone but only larger and thicker. This is an amazing cut of beef, because it offers 2 of the best selections from the cow.  A NY Strip and a Tenderloin all in one cut.  Perfect for sharing or if you are really hungry, cut back on the potato or macaroni salads and hog the whole thing down.  Happy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy the video I made in honor of my butcher and that delicious cut of beef, The Porterhouse Steak....


Bloggers Note:  You might ask, what is it with the pinwheel?  As I was shooting this video, I noticed the little pinwheel spinning in our garden.  I seem to recall a windmill on a farm in one of the Beef It's What's For Dinner Commercials.  Since I do not have a windmill in my yard, I used the pinwheel instead.  And yes that is a cheeky slam on the BIG WIND people across the pond.