Friday, August 17, 2012

Alex Bay "Still A Musical Mecca"

Alexandria Bay:

Last summer I described the Bay as a Musical Mecca and the same holds true for this summer.  On any given week night, it is likely to find at least 3 bands playing at different venues throughout the Bay. On the weekends, music lovers can enjoy a half a dozen or more performing.  Summer is not over yet and there is still plenty of time to catch your favorite local band.  

Two Chamber Of Commerce music weekends are coming up shortly.  August 23rd - 26th kicks off the Rockin' The Bay event which is all about  Classic Rock and Classic Cars.  This event is followed by the best Blues event in the North Country.  Blues In The Bay is celebrating its 11th year as the final act of the summer season.  The Blues In the Bay August 30th - September 3rd.

The videos below represent the new groups that have emerged during this summer.  These musicians play at various venues in the Bay, but can be enjoyed at various gigs across the North Country.