Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scenic Park Is For Families

Alexandria Bay:

Trustee Henry was quoted in the 8.26.12 edition of the  T.I. Sun as being "displeased with the vendor displays which he felt were offensive rather than family orientated".   Businessman Ron Thomson stated "that park [Scenic Pavilion, beach, and Casino Island] is the single best thing we have here for families". The above comments were made at the 8.14.12 meeting regarding vendors in the pavilion  at the 6th annual Thousand Islands River Run, a motorcycle rally event that was held on 6.29 - 7.1.12.

It is my opinion as a taxpayer that  I can appreciate the village boards stance on vendors for any event at the pavilion,  but I also think the park has to be viewed as a family orientated facility as Mr Thomson suggested.  There was considerably more to this discussion than was reported in the Sun, which you can listen to in the audio clip below.

Family Orientated Facility

Over the years it had been the "practice" of previous village boards to "reserve" the pavilion or Casino Island for family or company picnics, reunions, and weddings  This current board does not follow that unwritten policy by not taking reservations for such events.  It is now, as it always should have been a first come first serve policy.  Nobody should ever feel that they need to avoid the park during certain time frames because either they feel it is inappropriate for their families, or they feel intimidated because a group exerts their ownership of the facility for their event.  The Scenic Park needs to be shared by all......