Thursday, August 2, 2012

Save The Dogs From Rt. 180

Lafargeville New York:

If anyone that is willing to join us in a PEACEFUL PROTEST, GRAB YOUR PICKET SIGNS AND MEET US AT PEWTER MUG THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 at 10am. We will be heading to laFargeville to stand on the side of RT 180 in front of the trailer, hoping to get media coverage. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN OUR BACKYARD. PLEASE STAND UP FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS. WE ARE THEIR VOICE. It is suppose to be above 90degrees, please bring PLENTY OF WATER. These pups are going to die a slow, horrible death in the heat of this trailer. PLEASE TAKE A STAND AND JOIN US.

An alleged puppy mill in laFargeville needs to be SHUT DOWN. Please take 2 minutes to call 1-877-MILL TIP. ALSO, call the NYS police at 315-366-6000 and make a complaint. Please help us!!
Address: 28483 NYS RTE 180

As you all are laying down in your comfy beds tonight, think about that trailer and those animals in pain and agony day in and day out, sitting in their own urine and feces, complete darkness at night, sweltering heat during the day, never touching the grass, never having a human hand touch them. If you are like me, you will shed a tear or two. I have ....every night since that report on the news.

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Original Story aired on Channel 7 July 28th.