Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Town of Alexandria Tax INCREASE

In the years 2009 thru 2011 Town residents enjoyed a 0% tax increase. Paying only 35¢ per thousand of assessed property value. In 2012 the tax was raised by 18¢ per thousand .The proposed tax increase for the 2013 budget is an additional 30¢ on top of last years 53¢  per thousand of assessed property value. Making the new rate 83¢ per thousand of assessed property value.

Why the emphasis on the ¢symbol? As I was looking through the simplified hand out of the budget [below] , that was prepared by Supervisor Hunneyman, I saw $53 and $83 per thousand increase.  Which caused some confusion. Then I realized most people would not know that the cent symbol is a special character and has to be accessed by using windows "character map".  

In today's economy, Every ¢ counts.  Local, state and federal governments all have their hands in our pockets.  The money is just not there.  Add the cost to run our schools with dwindling aide and that cost gets passed on to you and me.  I know I am preaching to the choir...... We really have little say in our taxes on the state and federal level.  The Town Tax?  Now that is all together a different governing body, one that actually serves at the whim of the people. 

Not Happy with the increase?  Remember that this budget is still only a proposal.  Call your elected officials and tell them the budget officer needs to go back and rework the budget, with lots of pencils and erasers.  Pennies turn into dollars very quickly.