Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Islanders" P.I.L.O.T. Request Progress

 Alexandria Bay:

I know of no statuary authorization that would allow a payment in lieu of taxes agreement like they [the islanders]  are describing. ...... I did talk to town attorney Russell, he is also of the same opinion...... I believe the county would also have to be involved in this because they are also a taxing jurisdiction. ~ Village Attorney M. Gebo [Village Board Meeting 10.9.12]

The "islanders" [as they are referred to by the town and village boards] first made their  P.I.L.O.T. request known at Town Board meeting on 7.11.12 meeting.  After a twenty minute presentation, the "islanders" were advised that the village board was the governing body to approach with this request, not the Town.  I found this to be a slick bureaucratic move on the part of the Town Board and their advising attorney.

The 'islanders" made a similar pitch to the Village board at a 7.24.12 meeting. Asking for Equity in village, town, and school taxes.  To this date, it appears that the "islanders" have not approached the Alexandria Central School district.


Village Budget for the 2012-13 saw no increase
School Budget raised taxes by 3.77%
Town of Alexandria Proposed Budget for 2013 has a 56% Increase