Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Change In Vendor Venue T.I.R.R. 2013

Alexandria Bay Thousand Island River Run:

Below is a follow up story to this post Scenic Park Is For Families,

T.I.R.R. Event organizers did a little thinking outside of the box and found a different location for the vendors. It is a location that is closer to James St. where most of the weekends activities takes place.  The lower section of the long term parking lot will be the new vendor headquarters. New rules will also be imposed on vendors, with the implementation of a Profanity Clause.

Red Outlined Area Is The New Location

I have to give the organizers credit..... some  would have cried and whined saying why are you doing this, you [the village board] are going to ruin this event. Others might have rallied business owners to send emails and make phone calls to village board members, or maybe even threaten to move the whole event to Clayton. Thankfully none of that happened....

Audio From That Discussion