Friday, November 23, 2012

What is the Saturday After Thanksgiving Called?

The day after Thanksgiving is called  Black Friday. The busiest shopping day of the year for retailers and consumers. A shopping day filled with frenzy and frustration as bargain hunters hound around for deals.  Tempers have been known to flare as people flock around that "must have" present only to find out the person in front of them just snagged the last one.  Out Of Stock! Back Ordered! 

What about the Saturday after Black Friday, does it have a nick name?  That day should be a relaxing day after a long Thanksgiving day spent with the relatives or that Freaky Black Friday.  Technically Saturday does have a nick name, Small Business Saturday, but it is also Open Mic Night.  Every month Aubrey's Inn located in Cape Vincent invites musicians of all caliber to strut their stuff. It is an opportunity to see jam sessions with unexpected combinations of musical talents. If you are looking for an evening out of the house and away from the stores, then Aubrey's Open Mic night is the place for you to go and relax with your friends.

Saturday November 24th starting at 8PM