Monday, November 19, 2012

Tax Levy Increases By 91%

Town Of Alexandria:

Holy Mackerel that was quite the HL in this mornings paper.  It sounds awful, almost like "they" were trying to make the board look like a bunch of bumbling idiots.  I can only imagine that some were reluctant [not that word again] to read the article.

I chose to use more understandable numbers when I posted earlier on the town budget.  Like a 33% increase to your assessed property or an 18 cent increase from the original 53 cents increasing it to 71 cents per thousand of assessed property value.  Which means that if your property is assessed at $100,000 then you will only see an $18 increase in your 2013 town taxes.  Sounds easier to swallow than 91% doesn't it?

So I guess I am not making the town board look as bad as Councilman Sweet stated.  Why would I do that, I might be sitting next to some of you next year, or the year after.  But if you want to make me  your enemy, I will "reluctantly" oblige you......