Monday, July 16, 2012

Islanders Declare Village Boundaries UNFAIR

Town Of Alexandria:

Owners of Belle Island, the Pietrafesa Family, spoke during public comments at the Town Board 7.11.12 meeting.  This comment went on for 20 minutes.  I am still unclear as to what the island owners want.  It seems that they either want all the islands within the township to be included in the village or none of the islands to be within the village boundaries?

Obviously those few islands that are within the village get double taxed with Town and Village taxes. Just like the rest of us that live within the village.  But the islands that are out of the village boundaries but within the Town boundaries enjoy just a town tax, which of the two is much lower. Please refer to the map below.

I did find out that the Pietrafesa Family are trying to sell Belle Island for 1.5 million.  Found it on their website.

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Bloggers Note:
Since January, on every agenda after public comments there is a note to keep comments no longer than 3 minutes. The July agenda did not mention that time limit courtesy.