Monday, July 16, 2012

Tokens Of Respect For A Fallen Hero

A post on Facebook from Glenn Sweet:

Jack Sweet Memorial
I'm not sure why it started but early this spring dimes started to show up at he base of Jacks monument at the village park. I can only guess that the dimes were representing the 10th Mtn Divison. As the season has progressed penny's,nickels and quarters have been left. On busy weekends ,Memorial day ,fourth of July and both biker weekends their would be as much as $20 to $30 dollars by Sunday afternoon. We almost daily go to the park and clean the monument , seagulls and spiders have taken nicely to it. we really had no idea what to do with the tokens of respect . My niece is doing a project for the girl scouts where she is having a fallen soldier monument placed in front of the legion in Alex Bay so we thought that that would be the perfect place for the money to go.The problem is that on Monday mornings when we go to the monument their may be a handful of change left , now I really don't care about the money aspect of it but the little pricks that seem to think they need the money for what ever really have hit a nerve. obviously their are a few of these youngsters that just don't get it so share this with your friends and maybe through the grapevine they will see this and have a little respect !

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