Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bonnie Castle Rises Like The Phoenix

WWNY just did a thorough story on the New Bonnie Castle.  Mayor Grahams Blog also linked to that story and offered his best wishes for a speedy recovery from dilapidation. Some really great pictures can be found at my friend Johnny Truesdell's blog

The steady decay of the property has been ongoing for several decades and reconstruction will take some time. As I wandered around at the grand opening I noticed progress all over the place.  Over grown trees have been scaled back to reveal the beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River and Boldt Castle.  There was a small wedding being conducted at the cleaned up gazebo. The restaurant and bar have been cleaned up and that old stale smell is now gone.

The owners were busy talking to all the well wishers that came to the opening.  There was a feeling of energy and excitement as I mingled with the crowd. It was good to see people complimenting the owners on what a nice job they have done since acquiring  the property on May 2nd.  This recognition will keep their momentum going as they keep chipping away at this huge reconstruction project.  You should go to the New Bonnie Castle and the newly christened and remodeled The Pointe [former rum runners]. It is really amazing, but beware the site is under major reconstruction and there are stacks of neatly piled debris here and there.  It is all part of the process.

I took some random video clips of some scenes that interested me. Trying not to duplicate what has already been video taped.  It is more of a visual diary than anything else.