Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 - Year Of The H.O.G. Rally

Alexandria Bay:

Bonnie Castle Resort was the host to this years N.Y. State Harley Owners Group Rally.  Not really a rally like the previous one, but more like a convention. The H.O.G. Rally was originally presented to the village board back in December 2009 and was  going to be held in 2011 but another site was chosen and Alexandria Bay was chosen for the 2012 Uncharted Territory H.O.G. s at Bay.

Other resorts were considered but Bonnie Castle was chosen as the hub for registration, departure points for day trips and other activities.  Two nights of Music entertainment were held under the tent by the Upper James St. Dock. All in all it was an uneventful event.....which of course is the best kind of event.

Many thanks to Rally Coordinator Ken Kavanagh and the rest of the committee for coordinating the 1000+ participants.  I am sure everyone hopes to see The H.O.G. Rally return in the near future.  Below is some random footage including the ride in bike show that I took over the weekend.