Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Dog Glory

Our Dog Glory who was born on 1.17.02 passed away this morning. She died in "her" yard, her kingdom. She was doing what she did every morning, enjoying barking at the passers by. She barked a couple of times and then collapsed. She died instantly. I remember the day we went looking for a puppy and out of a litter of 8 she waddled over and chose us.....

Glory lived with us for 11 years and even though some viewed her as a dog, she became entwined in our lives and was a part of our family.....  Glory was raised by Sienna who passed away several years ago.  Glory in turn raised Latte who today mourns the loss of her big sister.

At this time I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rob Graveline who carried Glory from the yard and placed her in the car.  Mr. Graveline stayed while my wife called me at work.  Thank you Mr Graveline for your kindness in words and actions.

A video In memory of Glory