Monday, February 4, 2013

River Hockey Classic Beats Mother Nature

Clayton NY:

Event organizers started preparing the ice on January 26th, getting a head start for the February 2nd tournament.  By midweek the weather had turned very warm and windy ruining what they had accomplished.  By Thursday, mother nature started cooperating with temperatures in the teens and single digits.  Working around the clock, workers repaired the damage and the ice was ready for the Pond Hockey Tournament.

I loaded up my camera gear and arrived at noon on Saturday.  Lots of people rooting for their teams, warming themselves next to the fire pits eating burgers and sipping on beverages.  I watched as Bobby Cantwell and another guy operated industrial sweepers trying to keep the ice clear of snow.  As the afternoon went by, the snowfall became heavier and they just could not keep up with the accumulating snow.  Organizers made a decision to finish up the tournament at the Clayton Arena.

Most people would have quit when the rain and wind hit.  Not these guys..... they pulled it off.... with class and style!

Check out the video below, it chronicles everything I just described......

River Hockey Classic 2013 from Jim Cummings on Vimeo.