Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Waste Conversion VB Meeting

Audio from tonights VB meeting.  Trustee Drake takes time at the end of the meeting to clarify the plan for this new industry.  I first read about this in the WDT and then saw a Channel 7 News report on it Sunday night.  Myself and others were amused and irritated at HOW  these 2 news sources reported this information.  Especially  Channel 7 showing the vacant lot on the corner of Walton St. and Rt 12 which is adjacent to our school, implying that it was a potential location. 

That being said,  slide your seek bar to about 4:06 and listen closely to what is said by Trustee Drake about smart aleck comments.  The catalyst for those comments was the way The Times and News 7 were contacted and the slant that they took when reporting the information to the public.  Abay.com is a forum and this site is a blog.  Both of which support free speech and opinion.  If referring to our thoughts as smart aleck while glaring across the table is meant to discourage or intimidate this blog or the forum members, then I have a question for you.  Have you been living under a rock?

Side note........Did not see any news from Governeur about this.  Did anyone else?
A smart aleck reference.

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