Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VB Audio Nov, 25 2008

Click on the following link for the Audio from Tonight VB meeting. 

Trustee Sweet and Chief Mullaney were absent from tonights meeting.
Some where in the begininng of the meeting, The mayor reads a letter from some ACS students.  Good for them. The letter is addressed to Mayor Millett.  There were a few chuckles over this because the VB was thinking the reference was to acting DPW Supt Greg Millett.......Ummmm the funny part would have been Martha Robb, maybe the students are looking into the future when the 2 boards merge.....

Trustee reports start at about 6:05

Surplus Equipment, Two village vehicles 21:27

Repair or replace trash truck 25:01

Re-levy taxes to the amount of $255,075.26  ............29:31

Castle Cable Request .......32:10
This is kind of interesting. No smart aleck comments from me on this one!

Town of Alexandria Arena Advertising 37:55

Service Request by one of our taxpayers on Steamboat Is.  41:14
A letter addressed to the VB from Richard B. Sherker Jr.  Evidently he is upset that islanders within the village are not receiving village services like all the other mainland taxpayers.  He wants the same police, emt, and fire protection that we get ........all year long.  Again no smart aleck comments from this responsible blogger........yah right!

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Hammonite said...

I noticed there is a gent by the name of Steve Weed who videoes City Council Meetings in Watertown. ( Some are posted on You Tube. ) Maybe if this was done in Abay ( Strictly edited to the highlights ) it would keep the " toungue and cheeks" in check ? Whaddaya say ?