Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Questioning The Conversion Plant

It is not just about year round jobs!  We need to ask some serious questions before we or some other community in our area is saddled with something unmanagable........or horrible.  Here are a list of concerns we all should have the answers to:

Does the plant emit any emissions?
How long is the raw material [waste] in transportation till destination?
How long is the raw material [waste] stored in the plant till its conversion?
Once the conversion of waste to diesel is completed, how is the new waste disposed of?

How will it effect the quality of this regions resources?  Water, Air, Noise etc....

Has this company or contract hauler ever had a serious environment issue? [Litigation]

Any special licenses or endorsements  needed to operate these transport vehicles?

What is the noise level of the plant during operation?

Does it operate around the clock?
Does the trucking operate around the clock?

Where will the work force come from?  Local, cross country, around the world?
What is the minimum education/trade experience needed for entry level positions?
Is the technology so complicated that only unskilled low paying jobs will be offered to the locals?

What is the life expectancy of the physical plant used in the conversion process?

Are there any provisions for dismantaling the plant upon abandonment?

Give all these some serious thoughts

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