Sunday, November 23, 2008

What Happened to Danger Democrat?

Lots of conjecture regarding the demise of Ted Ford.  Political IV claiming to be the white knight slaying the dragon blog.  How very romantic that sounds........gag barf gag more barfing!!!!!!  A few of my fellow assassins were concerned about the well being of TF.  I took it upon myself to call and ask him what was up, are you ok, is there anything I can do.  Ted and I had a nice conversation and he is alive and well.  Just taking a break from blogging and trying to drive his wife nuts.  He told me that he even cleaned his closet today.  I wonder what he found in there?  Bottom line is.....Ted is ok and you will be hearing from him soon enough.


SmallTownAmerica said...

good to know...thanks for sharing. =)

tf said...

Hey--thanks for being interested.

Joe the Homeless said...

Well, I thought the goddam wingnuts finally drove Ted over the fuckin brink. Good to hear he aint locked up somewhere drooling and mumbling about Renzi. He better be back. the fuckin Republicans aren't gone, they're just buisy hiding thier daughters from the hordes of black men who will be takin over the country.