Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Criticism From The Mayor

Several months ago the VB wanted to spend $6000 from the Municipal Building Fund [MBF] which at the time had over $100,000.  I was not completely opposed to spending that money on renovating the Police Dept.  BUT,  the mayor was not being very clear as to what renovations would take place.  He said that the money in the MBF could only be used for projects like the renovation of the VPD.  So in effect we [ the taxpayers] should spend it.  As the mayor tried to explain what renovations would take place, I suggested, why not walk down the hall to the PD and take a look at the proposal.  I was IGNORED by the mayor and the board.  Two weeks later at the next VB meeting, this issue came up again.  And Again I suggested that we just walk down the hall and take a look.  Persistence paid off and we all took a field trip.  BS CS KD and a few others looked around.  It seemed like a reasonable project.  Afterall the money from the MBF, according to the mayor, can not be used for anything else but projects like this.  And it is ONLY $6,000 out of the $100,000+ MBF.  So, I gave it my own little rubber stamp of approval in this blog.  After all what could possibly go wrong!

Here is what went wrong!  The projected local, state, and national economic woes worsened.  The renovation project stalled because the material list supplied by the village to Garlocks was wrong.  Wrong doors, wrong tiles and who knows what else!  Keep in mind that this $6000 project is $3000 for labor and $3000 for materials.   I am hearing that the labor had to be supplemented with some help from the DPW.

So I announced on this blog that maybe this renovation project was not a good idea, maybe it could have been post poned till the end of the year.  Just to see what the village finances would look like.  During our discussion this past wednesday, the Mayor was very critical of me for posting on my blog that I had changed my mind about this renovation project.   I stated to him  what I have just told all of you.  And then I asked the mayor this question.  Isn't it true that emergency spending measures can be implemented very easily to move money from the MBF to where it might be needed?  The answer to that is YES!  So all this boooolshit about we can't spend that MBF money anywhere else is just some more pee down our backs!

I do not know why the mayor gets upset with me,  he claims that he and most others do not read the crap in the forums and blogs.  {Shrug}........whatever..............

Another thought for all to ponder.  I am not commenting nor am I attacking the mayor or any politician as a person.  I will not comment on their personal life, family, friends, religion or anything else that is personal or private to them.  My comments are directed to the people that make up our local governments as politicians.

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