Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr Mayor Are You Pissin Down My Back?

The mayor is quite annoyed with me!  He thinks I wrote about him not being at the shared services workshop on the homepage of  Here is the link to what Chris Williams wrote.
I did not write that! Got It?  It was not hard for Chris or anyone else to figure out you were not at that meeting.
Mr. Mayor you told me on wednesday that you could not attend that meeting because you were at some other super secret meeting on the same night as the shared services meeting.  You also told me that the only thing you want to share with the town is equipment, fuel and some salt and that you do not want it to go any further than that. 
Maybe that is why  you had no intention of going to the shared services meeting in the first place.  Below is the audio from the Dec. 23rd 2008 VB meeting where you very happily find a way of not going............Everyone listen to it carefully.

wear your boots from p guston on Vimeo.

Mr Mayor,
In your own low tech version way of blogging, you keep telling everyone what an asshole I am.  Thats right, there are no secrets, word has gotten back to me!  
So keep pissin down our backs and tellin us that it is raining out.  And while your doing that, allow me to take just a little bite out of your a$$.

wipe with this:

BTW  I am not all gung ho about the shared services and all that it entails.  But I am willing to keep an open mind while we all discover the pros and cons.

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