Saturday, December 1, 2012

Booze is the Buzz in the Bay

Alexandria Bay:

The BUZZ around town is booze.  Dark Island Spirits, a distillery is coming and it will be located at the former Muskie Lounge.  Distilleries , Wineries, and Breweries are all recognized by the Federal and state governments as Agriculture, not industrial, and not tourism, but Agriculture, which has been around longer than any of the others.  Also note, that these purveyors of spirits are recognized as Artisans.

Some are worried about the MASHING PROCESS.  According to Dark Island Spirits developer Roger R. Reifensnyder, the Mashing Process will be completed at his Farm located in Hammond. Any odors will mingle and dissipate with all those other farm smells. Once the mashing is done, then that product will be brought to the distillery where it will be cooked in a contained system.  So not to worry, everyone will still be able to smell the burgers and the pizzas cooking. And I almost forgot, you will still be able to  smell the exhausts from the tour buses and other vehicles.

Everything you wanted to know about the Craft Of Distilling.

Below is the audio from the 11.13.12 village board meeting. Mr. Reifensnyder briefs village officials about the distillery. Evidently a group of Spirituals from a local church objected to his Spirits. Their objections were determined to be unfounded.