Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear Snow Plow Operator

Alexandria Bay:

The snow has been the main topic of conversation lately.  We have not had much of it in the past few years.  Evidently some of the snow plow operators are a little rusty.  Time to hone up your hand eye coordination and get your eyes checked for depth of field deficiency.

If it is not the intersections being clogged with mounds of snow, it is the Town or the State Snow plows winging the snow 12 feet farther than it needs to be flung.  We have an ordinance in this village that says the property owner must clear their sidewalks within 24 hours after a snow fall but it does not mention removing snow flung by plows.  I have snow blown my 200 foot sidewalk three times now.  The first time because of the snow.  The second and third times because the Town or the State plows have buried them under several feet of heavy snow.  Not sure why they are doing this.... the snow has not been drifting within the village.  They are basically plowing roads and cutting snow banks back even though there has been no more snow.  I don't snow blow a bare sidewalk.... but then again, I am not getting overtime to do that either.

Ps. I am not clearing my side walk from their mess.