Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Bloggers New Years Resolution

A few days ago, I announced on FaceBook that I would be posting some changes that I wanted to make for 2013.  I gave this a lot of thought but could not come up with anything that was concise and to the point.  Until I read a friends post on FaceBook. Radio and Blues In The Bay personality Steve Behm summed it up when he said this:

"Gotta hit the old bunkhouse...Happy New Year my friends...Always remember, you're the author of the book you write about yourself... Make it a book others want to read..."

This made me think, what am I???? After some reflection, I determined that I am like a Comic Book author, but my goal for 2013 is to become more like a Dime Store Novelist.  Keep this in mind, some of you are the characters in my comic book.  Also remember this, some great box office hits have come from comic books.