Sunday, January 27, 2013

Here Is The Man With All The Answers

That was the greeting I received when I arrived at a party yesterday.  Brent Sweet [Town Councilman] blurted that out as my son and I walked into a small group of people engaged in a casual conversation.  Since this was not a private conversation between Brent and myself, I have no qualms about sharing it with the rest you.

Time For A Review:
The circus is a blog, that you can visit and listen to audio clips of village and town meetings.  You will also find official documents and or photos that are pertinent to local government agenda items. Over the past 4 years I think I have made myself very clear, that anything that I type is only my opinion.  The audio clips and other supporting documents are the only facts.  I have even gone so far to tell you to ignore anything that is typed in this blog, because it would only be my opinion.

Some find my opinions entertaining, while others view them as the rantings of a mad man.  Others even claim that I do not deserve to have an opinion. Why?  Because I am not a local, and my opinions do not fall within the unwritten guidelines of the local good ole boy network.

This blog is my opinion and I do not lose any sleep if you do not agree.  It is my right to express my opinion and it also my right to lose as many friends with each opinion I share.  I simply do not care about your cliques and some of the "friends" you associate with.

Do I have to explain this cartoon?
The Here Is The Man With All The Answers comment was a cheap shot.... because I Know I AM NOT THAT MAN.  I am just someone with an o-p-i-n-i-o-n.  That is a FACT!