Friday, January 18, 2013

►Best Buy◄ Good BYE To You

Our family does a lot of shopping at the Best Buy located in the Salmon Run Mall, Watertown.  The other day was my wife's birthday, so I set out to buy the newest 32 gig iPad. Ready to make my purchase, I found two sales people engrossed in some geeky conversation while playing with one of the display computers.  I got one's attention and he climbed a ladder, grabbed the iPad and then he escorted me to the check out.  I was pretty pleased with this gift.  

I could not wait for my wife to open it, knowing that she would love it.  She was very surprised and could not wait to fiddle with her new gadget.  The next day, she drove to Best Buy to purchase a case and a plastic protective screen cover.  She found a case [$49.99] that she liked and the screen cover [$39.99].  At the checkout counter, the salesman asked my wife if she would like him to apply the screen cover.  Sure, why not!  He said, we will be more than happy to do that, but we charge $15.00.  Fatal Error!

My wife called to tell me of this and I could tell she was upset.  I asked her what she did.... not surprised..... she told me how she asked to speak to a manager.  Shortly after, one appeared and told her that was the store policy.  She went on to explain that our household spends a significant amount of money in this store, and are you telling me that you can not apply that cover at no charge?  The manager apologized and again said that this is our policy, "if we do it for you then we have to do it for everyone".  She then asked if there was another manager with more authority?  By chance, a Best Buy regional manager was at the store, but he echoed the same policy, with a feeble apology.

No Sale!  Leaving the Best Buy store, my wife went next door to the Verizon Wireless store where she was greeted by a Sales Rep.  She explained the ordeal she just went through at Best Buy, the Rep. sympathized and said, that you could have purchased the iPad here at Verizon and avoided all that frustration.  But, we can help you out!  My wife found a similar case [$39.99] and a set of 2 screen protectors [$19.99].  The Rep. suggested that my wife buy a 3rd accessory and save 20%.  How about ear buds?  A friend that was with my wife needed 2 pair of those and my wife bought 2 pair also.  The Rep. said well that is even better, now you get 30% off.  4 sets of ear buds, the case and the screen cover for $60.28.  And NO CHARGE to apply the screen cover!  My wife and I are very pleased with the sales and service at Verizon.

Later that evening, we discussed those events and in hind sight, we should have returned the iPad to Best Buy and purchased everything at Verizon..... you all know that kind of insight is 20/20.  We also took an inventory of all the stuff that we have bought at Best Buy. Sony Handy Cam, 2 Nikon Camera, batteries, memory cards, 2 Flip Video Cameras, Flat screen TV, several MP3 players, Stereo receiver, out door speakers, 2 x-box consoles, all sorts of cables and other accessories to numerous to remember...... I hope that store policy of a $15 charge to apply protective covers is worth it.  Best Buy might want to take some cues from their neighbors over at Verizon Wireless.  Best Buy, you lost a customer..... Good BYE To You