Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snow Removal Thank You

Point and Counter Point
A couple of days ago I posted a story entitled Dear Snow Plow Operator.  Many people tried to convince me that the winging of the snow was intentional.  You can see how "those guys" veered closer in front of your house, they said.  Your side walk had snow piled on it higher than anyone else they said. Man "those guys" really buried you, they said.
At the time I wasn't really sure who "those guys" were.  And I was not going to become paranoid that "those guys" were out to get me.  I discovered a couple of things today.  My street is a "State" Road but it is maintained in an agreement with the Town Of Alexandria. I also realized that I came across a little gruff when I made that post.  I was angered that my sidewalk got buried that many times.
I appreciate that Mr. Bain took responsibility by sending someone to clean up the sidewalk. But more importantly, Mr. Bain should be commended  for supporting his workers.  Below is a copy of an email that Mr. Bain sent me.
Thank You!

Hi Jim, 
First of all I would like to say , I'm sorry for the snow pushed into your sidewalk ! It's my fault as I instructed the crews to push back the banks and shelf them where needed to help hold drifting. I've discussed this with the crew involved, and it won't happen again. I really don't know why they cut that bank back so far as there's no drifting problem at that location.
I had the loader remove the snow this afternoon. I'm sure you are aware of the general public's' view that all the Town crews are overpaid, lazy, and thoughtless, I can tell you quite the opposite, the general public doesn't care or understand all the Town Crews miss holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and much more with their families, they have no idea what it takes to plow the roads with zero visibility, ice and driving with the public showing no mercy allowing them to do their job. Do they screw-up sometimes? Absolutely, but I would put them up against any plow crew in the County! I work hard to make sure the Town roads are in the best shape possible YEAR ROUND and I'm very proud to have these Employees working for me.
I know you were upset with this issue, but I respect you and would like to think you respect me enough to at least call me personally with any issue you may have in the future. I know you really care for our community and like to keep everybody on their toes and I respect that.


David H. Bain, 
Town of Alexandria Highway Superintendent