Friday, May 24, 2013

Curb Your Horse

Alexandria Bay:

Our village like most other communities has an ordinance that requires owners to clean up after their pets potty.  What about horses?  This Amish buggy meandered through the village today.  According to witnesses  the horse left trails of poop along village streets.  One person noted how unsanitary and gross it was to be walking along the street and see a steaming pile of horse dung.  Another commented that the village is thinking of restricting dogs from the park and Casino Island, but this [horse dung] is a larger more disgusting issue.

It is impossible for the drivers of the buggy to not notice that their horse just defecated.  He does have a birds eye view of that end of the horse.  And the lifting of the horses tail is another clue, along with the inevitable passing wind.

HORSE DIAPER used in most cities

Ordinance and a Fine


Paul Watson said...

I agree. If I haul brush in the back of my truck and some falls onto the roadway, I can be ticketed/fined for depositing material on the roadway. Why are the Amish treated so differently? I also have to pay $75 to be able to drive on public roadways, while the Amish travel for free.

pete findeis said...

We all could take a dump on their lawn. Oh that's right they walk barefoot through it
Such good fertilizer.

Lensnapper said...

Oh c'mon folks. It's horse poop, do you think the Lone Ranger's Silver or Roy's Trigger would be cleaned up after? Heck you'd be proud to own a bag of that famous waste :0)