Monday, May 27, 2013

Selective Reporting by the TI Sun

Alexandria Bay:

On May 14th I wrote a story about an Energy Audit that was conducted by Troy & Banks for the Village of Alexandria Bay.  An audit that stated very clearly that the village was actually loosing money by using Ambit Energy an ESCO company [an alternate energy supply company].

Personally I really do not care who saves the village money and/or for what ever utility.  But I do take exception to selective reporting.  I was at the same meeting that the TI Sun Pamela McDowell attended on May 14th.  The Sun reported her story in their May 22nd edition that Trustee Henry thanked Ambit energy  representative and village resident Jim Costello for savings on the electric bills  of village buildings.  The Sun also reported that Mr. Costello boasted that Ambit saved electric costs for the Reformed Church and the hospital and town offices.

But at no time did the TI Sun ever mention the results of the energy audit performed by Troy and Banks that Mayor Jury read at the May 14th board meeting.  I did however share my audio recordings of the negative findings of the audit and also the rebuttal of those findings as stated by Mr Costello of Ambit Energy.

I accurately reported  both sides of this story and even admitted that I may have been wrong about Ambit Energy.  The TI Sun however chose to edit out everything but  Trustee Henry's  comments and  ignored anything about the Troy & Banks Energy Audit and Mr. Costello's rebuttal.

I am sure that the story was accurately submitted to the Sun, but as we all know, the editor has the final say!

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