Monday, April 29, 2013

Ambit Savings In The Bay

Alexandria Bay:

The Village has 15 separate metered electric accounts. For example, there are separate accounts  for the Anthony Street Pump [harbor villa] , Fuller Street Pump, and Alexandria Bay General  and so on.  I chose these as examples because they represent a sampling of small, medium, and large electric usage. From 12/21/11 to 12/20/12 or 1/20/12 to 1/22/13, all the electric accounts were supplied by an alternate electric supplier, AMBITEnergy.

I have been critical of these types of companies in the past and some of you might question why I am sharing information that shows that AMBITEnergy actually saved the village money.  I have several reasons for doing so..... Number 1 is to show that I am a grownup wearing big boy pants.  The other reasons..... well.... they are for me to know and for you to wonder about.  I know that sounds childish, but, you see.... I can be both a child and an adult.  I feel very comfortable with both of those roles.  How about YOU!  All 15 accounts showed a savings.  If you want to view each, you can contact the Village offices...

The samples that I cited above  are listed below.  Click to view are larger image:

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