Friday, April 12, 2013

POLL Vacant Town Council Seat

Town Of Alexandria:

Please participate in this poll

Your Choice For Vacant Town Council Seat?
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I just tried voting in a poll, but it said I already voted! Why?
To try to keep polls more accurate, one measure we use is to allow one vote per IP address. If your network is set up so that all users share a single IP, and someone else on your network has already voted, only one vote will be accepted.

Bloggers Note:
All the different poll makers I looked at use the IP Address as a way to eliminate one person from voting more than once.  So if you have more than one person or more than one computer in your house and you share the same modem then unfortunately that house  gets to vote one time only.  We are not trying to determine a winner with this poll, rather, it is a way to get a "feel" for the popular opinion.

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