Saturday, April 20, 2013


People are talking and gossiping while at their kitchen table, coffee table or at the bar.  This has been done since man picked up his first tool and discovered fire.  People talk about you and me, it is what it is. But that is all that it is, just talk.  It is not credible, there are no facts, just idle chatter and some wild accusations.

This type of talk has no substance and tends to fade away into oblivion.  Contrary to popular belief, I always try to present my readers with concrete documentation in the form of audio, video, or paper media.  Then I interject my opinion based on my interpretation of that documentation.  I avoid the trap of discussing  the many roles of a persons private life.  I focus on their role as politician or other public figure role that they may have.

There is litigation going on in this town and I refuse to get this blog involved.  It is nothing that interests me. I have not and will never voice an opinion over something that is currently in the courts.  The court will discover the truth without any help from me.  My ego is not that big that I would ever presume that my opinion would ever be above the outcome of a court of law.

There are some wild allegations being discussed privately.  Some are trying to defend people from those allegations by posting rebuttals on Facebook. Commenting on Facebook only gives the coffee table gossip substance.  This good intention  turns the spoken gossip into tangable  text.  Most people will not start to believe in gossip until someone puts it into text on Facebook or other social media.  There is a lot of truth to peoples misconceptions of the world wide web : It Must Be True, I Saw It On The Internet.. which of course is false!

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