Saturday, April 20, 2013

Interviewing The Candidates?

What a novel Idea!

Town Of Alexandria:

In January of this year, Town Councilman James Durand resigned. After 3 months, this vacancy has yet to be filled.  During public comments at the 4.10.13 town meeting, two concerned citizens suggested that the remaining board members interview the four candidates.  The board adopted this suggestion and a date of  April 22nd was established for the board to meet and interview them.  One would think that this should have been part of the boards original plan, evidently it was not!

Below is the audio from the public comments portion of the 4.10.13 meeting  These comments are generic and do not endorse any specific candidate.  During this meeting, one candidate was specifically endorsed.  I did not include that out of fairness to the other candidates that were not represented  and endorsed at this meeting.

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