Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beautiful Wreck

Beautiful Wreck is not a sunken ship nor is it a femme fatale.  It is a new name for local musical duo Dan Hammond and Jess Pierce who were formerly known as Tongue & Groove.  Dan and Jess wanted to start another on stage chapter that would take their talents in  new directions.  They were looking for a way to kick start that engine and get them moving.

A little make over is all that was needed.  Dan and Jess contacted me late in 2012 and we set a recording date for their new promo vid in January.  Sound engineer Phil "Crush" Dumond captured  the audio, editing and mastering the songs over the next few months. In  late March, Phil gave me the mastered tracks and I had the nerve racking task of syncing his audio with my video.  Lots of editing followed  along with many many revisions.  The result is the promotional video below.  You can become a fan of Beautiful Wreck on Facebook by clicking here.

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