Thursday, May 30, 2013

Norma Zimmer Clayton's Citizen Of The Year

Clayton NY:

Mayor, Norma Zimmer was recognized tonight as Clayton's Citizen of the Year. 250 well wishers gathered tonight at the Clipper Inn and Restaurant to recognize Norma.  I was asked to take a ride on the Clayton Fire Departments 100' aerial  Ladder to shoot some video and take some pictures of tonight's award location.  Some wanted a different perspective of this yearly event.  Even though I am not a big fan of heights, I accompanied Clayton  fireman Scott Johnson as we ascended upwards to the full extension of fire truck number #14. For me it was an interesting experience, and many thanks to Scott for being patient with my phobia.  Congratulation to Mayor Zimmer....


Unknown said...

Good way to over come your phobia.
Great perspective.........NICE JOB, first of its kind Im sure.

Kelly Wood
Wellesley Island

jim cummings said...

My legs were still wobbling the day after, so I guess I only faced my phobia. Thank you for the compliment!