Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bay Traffic Blocked on the 4th

On the 4th of July, A.C.S. Students had planned a fund raiser by charging vehicles to park at the school.  The school parking lot is a convenient location within walking distance to several great fireworks viewing spots.  Unfortunately for the students, the mayor decided to close off the village to incoming traffic before the village became congested.  Spectators were forced to park outside the village, even tho there were many parking spaces within the village including the school parking lot.  Chief of Police Mullaney stated that the traffic was stopped from entering the village at 7:30pm.  Trustee Jury experienced traffic being turned away from the village as early as 6:30pm.  The fireworks did not start till 9:45pm.

I know that some people like to get into the village early so they can "squat" in a good spot.  Maybe some people just parked in the outer limits of the village grumbling as they hoofed it into the village.  Or maybe some said Damn How Frigging Early Do We Have To Get Here?  Then LEFT!  The Chief said they let people in after 7:30 if they had motel or dinner reservations.  What if you did not make any reservations for the pizza, hot dog or ice cream you were going to eat?  I wonder how much revenue our eateries lost that night?

The other question I asked, where were all the other agencies that usually assist our village PD on the 4th?  The mayor said they did not want to partake this year.  Partake?  Audio from the 7.12.11 VB meeting can be heard below. There is a short music intro before the audio starts =)