Monday, July 25, 2011

Incompetent Life Guards?

This really trips my trigger.  It has been a problem for the past several years.  Apparently, no matter how much I rant about it, nothing is ever done! This video was taken on Saturday of two life guards on duty with two very obvious stations.  A stationary elevated chair on the left and one on the cement pier.  The two are positioned that way because of blind spots in the swimming area.  WHY DO THESE TWO LIFE GUARDS HAVE TO BE SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER?  SPREAD OUT, COVER YOUR TERRITORY.  This past week a mother had to rescue her own child  from potentially drowning because  life guards were not sitting in there separate stations. I do not care how busy it is.... if two guards are on duty, then they need to be sitting in the two separate stations.  The elevated guard chair on the left provides the best viewing of the swimming area.