Saturday, July 2, 2011

T.I.R.R. & River Day Report on Events

Event organizers report on the success of their events at the 6.28.11 Village Board Meeting.

Ron Thomson reports, saying the number of military families attending this year's River Day is higher than it has ever been. He also takes the opportunity to bring up some old irrelevant business in an attempt to "fan the flames" of an ongoing conflict between himself and downtown merchant Alex Mosher. For the record, everybody supports the AUSA & FMWR River Day event, which gives military families the opportunity to experience the beauty of the St. Lawrence River. In the past Mr. Mosher and other downtown merchants have been concerned with the closing of lower James St. and the staging and drop-off locations. Village Board members have been told that the choice of staging locations is limited because of safety concerns for the families. One concern: limiting the number of crosswalks that families may encounter. Some may be concerned with the staging of this year's River Day event. The military families were lined up along Miller Ave. I talked to a few people in the line that day. They said that at one point the line of people extended from the blocked off section of lower James St. around the corner and up the entire length of Miller Ave. to Walton St. Miller Ave has no sidewalks or curb and was open to 2 way traffic that day.

Mary Compeau thanked the Village Board and the DPW for all their cooperation helping to make this year's T.I.R.R. a success.