Sunday, July 24, 2011

Speeding In The Village

Vehicles speeding on Walton St. was the subject of a letter that was read at the 7.12.11 Village Board meeting.  Tom Penn, a concerned resident fears that a fatality may occur on his street if the board did not install speed bumps.  The board pooh pooh'd the speed bump suggestion, instead they opted for a patrol car to keep an eye on the traffic.  I thought the idea of portable speed bumps was a good idea, moving them and warning signs to different locations throughout the village.  The board quickly moved  to another hazardous traffic problem on Miller Ave. A blind spot on the end of Miller Ave and James St. was identified and Blind Driveway Signs were installed within a few days after the 7.12.11 meeting.  Did any of the speeding issues get resolved?  NOPE! A patrol car hiding in the shadows can pick and choose who gets pulled over.  Signs can be ignored.  Below is the audio clip from that meeting.